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It is somewhat understandable.   New corporate tax rates for campgrounds, the increase to minimum wage and the introduction of strict government standards for infrastructure have in many cases made owning and running a campground an impractical livelihood for many, or at least, weakened their bottom line materially.

Geo is the originator of Co-Ownership Campground properties in Ontario.  Selling sites individually can substantially increase the overall selling price which can lead to multiples in profits when compared to a single sale of the property.    The Co-Ownership concept shifts the target market from business owners seeking financially viable commercial property to individuals seeking recreational property for personal use.  The need for financial viability and profits no longer exists with this new market.  The bottom line may be reducing the number of campground business purchasers however, the recreational property market is booming.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, or begin immediately with an initial consultation visit of your property please let us know.  You could implement the Co-Ownership program beginning this season.   We are here to assist you at every step and look forward to hearing from you.